Agent Orange Benefits Act

The Agent Orange Benefits Act, Public Law 104-204, became law in 1996. The law established a benefits package for veterans’ children who were born with Spina Bifida as a result of exposure during active service in Korea or the Republic of Vietnam during wartime.


The Act authorized the Department of Veterans Affairs to provide certain benefits effective October 1, 1997. These benefits include lifetime health care services for Spina Bifida and any disability associated with Spina Bifida, a monthly monetary allowance, and Veterans Affairs (VA) vocational training/rehabilitation services.

How Does the VA Define Spina Bifida?

The VA defines Spina Bifida as all forms of Spina Bifida (except Spina Bifida Occulta). In establishing rules to determine the monthly monetary allowance, the VA indicated that “neurological deficit is the main determinant of disability for a person with Spina Bifida.”

Are VA benefits available for children of Korean and Vietnam veterans born with Spina Bifida?

Yes, children of Korean or Vietnam veterans born with Spina Bifida are eligible for a monthly disability allowance and for vocational training. A monthly allowance is set at three levels, depending upon the degree of disability suffered by the child. VA’s Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment program administers a vocational training program to enable a qualified child to prepare for and attain suitable employment. Services may include:

  • counseling and rehabilitative services
  • education, training and employment services.

The VA pays for the costs of the services up to 24 months depending on need. The VA Spina Bifida Health Care Benefits Program
authorizes VA-financed health care benefits and:

  • processes claims for medical care,
  • pharmacy needs,
  • durable medical equipment,
  • supplies for eligible Spina Bifida beneficiaries.

For more information

Visit the VA Spina Bifida Health Care Benefits Program for more details.

The telephone number for Spina Bifida Health Care Benefits Program is 1-888-820-1756.  The address is CBOPC/Spina Bifida,
P.O. Box 469065, Denver, CO, 80246-9065.

This information does not constitute medical advice for any individual. As special cases may vary from the general information presented here, SBA advises readers to consult a qualified medical or other professional on an individual basis.



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