Board of Directors & Staff

Board of Directors



Maria Bournias, Esq, CPA, Chair
Michael Harty, Jr, Immediate Past Chair
Nancy Gore, Chair-Elect
Anshul Varma, Secretary/Treasurer


Maria Bournias, Esq, CPA
Robin Bowman, MD
Doug Burns
Brad Dicianno, MD
Tracy DiNunzio
Ellen Fremion, MD
Nancy Gore
Michael Harty, Jr.
Chase Phillips
Kathryn Ann Navarette Smith, RN, MN, DrPH
Eric Tobin
Anshul Varma
Bryan Vodicka
Dawne Widener-Burrows
John Wiener, MD



Gage Abell, National Director of Field Relations
[email protected]

GlenRae Brown, x. 813 Chief Financial Officer
[email protected]

Jenna Brown, x. 829 National Director of Development
[email protected]

Leslie Holland, x. 835 Financial Data Entry Specialist
[email protected]

Sarah Hurst, x. 807 Database Manager
[email protected]

Stephanie Myers, x. 828 Manager of Corporate and Individual Giving
[email protected]

Jessica Palmeri, x. 827 National Director Marketing and Communications
[email protected]

Juanita Panlener, x. 800 National Resource Center Manager
[email protected]

Libby Riordan, x. 806 National Director of Special Events
[email protected]

Kiki Setterlund, x. 831 Manager of Special Events
[email protected]

Giana Spear, x. 808 National Manager of Marketing & Communications
[email protected]

Sara Struwe, x. 803 President & CEO
[email protected]

Judy Thibadeau, x. 810 National Director of Research & Services
[email protected]

Michael Wood, x. 825 Chief Operating Officer
[email protected]

SBA Medical Director

Timothy Brei, MD

Developmental Pediatrics, Seattle Children’s


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