Charitable Ratings

The Spina Bifida Association is dedicated to promoting the prevention of Spina Bifida and enhancing the lives of all affected through research, advocacy, education, and support. The Spina Bifida Association is also committed to being an exceptional administrator of the funds and resources we receive in order to achieve this mission. As such, we encourage everyone who shares and supports our mission to be fully informed, and confident in their choice to do so.

There are many companies that provide information, and ratings, to describe the manner in which charitable organizations are governed, allot resources, and transparently disclose public information. Because there are a limited number of common standards across these companies, each one determines their own specific variables and procedures used to gather, analyze, and communicate the information and ratings they provide. This irregularity in approach can sometimes create a wide discrepancy in ratings, and in some cases expresses an approach that is inconsistent with regulatory agencies or ethics with which charitable organizations must comply. While inconsistency remains outstanding, some agencies are working together to identify commonalities.

Below are a few of the companies that provide information and evaluations of charitable organizations. Where applicable, inconsistencies with regulatory agencies or ethics are indicated.

The Spina Bifida Association has met all of the requirements of the National Health Council Standard of Excellence Certification Program. We have adhered to the 38 standards adopted by the National Health Council’s Board of Directors that ensure that Voluntary Health Agency members maintain the highest levels of transparency, accountability, and public stewardship. The certification period lasts from January 1, 2019, through December 31, 2021

The Spina Bifida Association currently meets 14 standards required to be considered an Accredited Charity by the BBB Wise Giving Alliance. The review was issued in November 2022 and expires in November 2024. Click here to review SBA’s full Standards for Charity Accountability.