Being a financial member ensures that you will be up to date with the latest SBFV news, events and programs. Most of all, it demonstrates your support for SBFV and what we aim to achieve.


As a member you are entitled to:

  • Subsidised fees for our camps, social club activities and events
  • Contact monthly e-newsletter – including member-submitted articles
  • Full access to the SBFV Facebook members page – add us as a ‘friend’ to receive live updates, social event reminders, news and information, and to build a strong community
  • Independent Living Skills Manual
  • Healthy Futures Journal – for recording medical history and appointment details
  • Medical contacts wallet card
  • Annual Night of Celebration and Malcolm B. Menelaus Awards recognising member achievement

For more information about any of our member services, advice about and assistance with Facebook navigation and privacy issues, older editions of newsletters and publications, or deadlines for submission of articles, please contact us.

Phone (03) 9663 0075
Email info [AT]


Membership options are:

  • $40 per year for Families/Individuals
  • $100 for 3 years for Families/Individuals
  • $200 per year for Organisations

Please note that Centrelink benefit recipients are exempt. Membership renewal is due 1st July.